Wednesday, 7 December 2016

NarrowBand IoT


         NB-IoT  is  one  of  the latest technology  in  Internet  of  Things (IoT). This  can change the face of  the IoT  application  with  less  resource  to  build  an  IoT  application.Three  Years ago, i  wrote  one  article  "Evolution in Long Term Evolution (E-LTE)" about the  relevance  of  IoT  device  connectivity  to  the backbone, In that  article , i  mentioned the  importance of  the  best  IoT  connectivity  to  the  Backbone and also  i  recommend  the Telecom  based technology  to  support  IoT  Device  like  LTE , WCDMA  technologies. NB-IoT  is  the  solution  for  all  the  connectivity  problems  in IoT.  This  can be  reduce  the human effort  drastically  for  connectivity  and   posses   wide  range  of  application  diversity.

    This  technology  is  developed  by  3GPP  (3rd Generation Partnership Program)  to  enable a  wide  range  of  devices  and  service  to  be  connected  using  the  cellular telecommunication bands. This  technology uses  a  dedicated  spectrum for  the  IoT range  of  devices  and it  will  reduce  the  congestion  with  other  connectivity

        This enables a unified  way  of  communication  between  the  IoT  devices  and  the IoT  Backbone. There  are  few vendors were actively  participated  in past  few  years in this project, among them, some  of them  successfully  developed   NB-IoT  supported  chip, Have  a look  at  it...


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